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7 Ways To Reduce Your Pet's Plastic Waste

Plastic is everywhere. In our landfills, our waterways, and in our homes. Why? Because it's cheap, light weight, and convenient. But at what cost? Many Australians are now making the change to reduce plastic use... from reusable shopping bags and water bottles, to paper straws and metal razors. But what about the plastics in pet products? What can we do to reduce plastic waste from pet products?

Of the 2.5 million tonnes of plastic waste generated in Australia in 2018-19 only 9% was sent for recycling (Australian Bureau of Statistics). Households produced 1.2 million tonnes of during the same period - that's almost 50kg for every Australian. But it gets worse... of the 9% earmarked for recycling, much of it wound up in landfill anyway.

Since the collapse of the soft plastics recycling scheme at least 12,000 tonnes (1,000 semi-trailers worth) has been stockpiled in warehouses across three states and is destined for landfill. Even if the new plan to collect 100,000 tonnes of soft plastics a year comes to fruition, it's only a small part of the overall solution. Put simply, we need to stop relying on plastics for low cost convenience and start making some fundamental lifestyle changes.

So what does all this mean for pet owners? What are the eco friendly alternatives available to replace plastics in pet products? Here are seven ways you can reduce your pet's plastic waste today:

  1. Stop buying plastic food and water bowls. Use ceramic or metal instead... they will last longer and are healthier for your pet. Lickmats made from natural rubber or silicone are also good alternatives.

  2. Stop buying shampoo and other grooming products in plastic containers. Use shampoo bars or products sold in biodegradable packaging. Glass and tin/aluminium packaging is also a healthier alternative.

  3. Stop using plastic brushes and combs. Use bamboo brushes and steel combs instead. They are better for the planet and will last much longer.

  4. Stop using plastic poo bags. Look for eco friendly alternatives.

  5. Stop buying plastic dog toys. Look for natural materials such as rubber, hemp and cotton. Remember toy squeakers are plastic too.

  6. Stop buying pet food and treats in plastic packaging. Buy meat and bones in bulk from your local butcher and take a reusable bag to buy fruit and veg. Look for treats and other food products available in eco friendly packaging.

  7. Stop buying collars and harnesses containing plastic. Look for earth friendly materials like hemp and cotton with metal buckles and clips.

Bear and Kind's range of organic shampoos, balms and spa products are sold in biodegradable Kraft cardboard and paper packaging with recycled paper product labels. We are proud to be a 100% plastic-free Australian pet brand.

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