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12 Fun & Eco Friendly Gifts For Your Doggo This Howliday Season

It’s that time of the year again… bells are jingling, cars in packed carparks are beeping, and all the while all the puppers are snacking… or sleeping. When the cards are all sent, the presents are wrapped, the turkey is baking, it finally dawns on you… OMG… I didn’t get the dog anything for Christmas!

If this sounds like you, relax… we’ve put together a list of 12 Christmas gift ideas for your pooch that you can buy without braving the holiday traffic… they’re fun, healthy and practical… and good for the environment. If you want to learn more about a particular product click the name or image to go straight to the product website.

1. Tasty Yum Yums

If you’re looking for some last-minute stocking stuffers that are tasty as well as healthy it cannot possibly get better than The Organic Dog Co. Not only do they use certified organic ingredients in their treats but they also make the cutest ever iced cookie party mix and delicious looking doggie donuts. They look so good I wanna eat them LOL.

2. Beach Time Fun

Considering EVERY type of toy you give your pupper from day one is going to end up in his mouth, it should at least be made of something non-toxic and good for the earth. Enter the Major Dog Swimming Eddy Water Toy… made of natural rubber, it is completely puppy safe, floats in water, and looks like a tonne of fun. Get it delivered right to your door from West Coast.

3. Slow Fido Fashion

The fashion industry is under increasing scrutiny worldwide due to growing awareness of the faceless third world workers who endure ridiculously low pay and dreadful working conditions for the low cost fast fashion enjoyed by most western consumers. As a result of mounting concerns surrounding the human victims of the industry, coupled with the negative impact on the environment, a new recycle, reuse and repair movement has emerged. And it is no longer restricted to just people products either… enter Outback Mutts. This innovative pet brand recycles used fabric from items of clothing to make unique and sometimes one-of-a-kind pet collars. Give Fido’s wardrobe a facelift this Christmas and do something good for Mother Earth as well.

4. Dirty Dawg

Looking for organic, hypo allergenic and eco-friendly grooming and well-being products for your pup? Need the gentlest of gentle shampoos to cleanse and soothe super sensitive skin? Bear & Kind’s organic shampoos, shampoo bars, and balms are 100% natural and non-toxic, contain absolutely NO palm oil or synthetic ingredients of any kind, and no chemical nasties. Our product packaging is biodegradable Kraft cardboard tubes and paper wrap, or amber glass to reduce plastic waste and protect the integrity of our products which means longer shelf life. Join our email community at and grab your special member discount code for 15% off EVERY time you order!

5. Sustainable Dining @ Home

If your pupper is anything like mine, plastic feed bowls do not last more than five minutes inside the door before being thrown about, chewed and buried in the backyard. And let’s be honest… they aren’t that great for the environment anyway. Besides good old stainless steel, there is now another practical and earth-friendly option… bamboo. It’s completely non-toxic, easy to clean, relatively inexpensive, and available in plenty of attractive colours and styles. Check them out at

6. Nap Time

This one is one of my absolute faves… Oscar and Lulu make the most gorgeous, colourful and comfy pet beds using fabric manufactured from recycled plastic bottles. Their bed covers are hardwearing heavy commercial grade but super soft and comfy, and the fill they use is 100% plant-based, biodegradable, non-toxic and anti bacterial. And as if that wasn’t enough, you can even have it personalised with your furbaby’s name on it! Check out their bright, happy and very healthy bedding options for your pooch.

7. Keeping Kool This Summer

If the weather predictions are anything to go by, we are tipped to be having more record high temperature days this summer (yuk). For any pet but even more so a young or elderly pet, keeping them cool ad comfortable during weather extremes is paramount. The Green Pet Shop understand this very well, and have developed a smart and eco-friendly, non-toxic pet cooling pad that requires no water to cool, and uses no electricity. Its unique patented design self-adjusts the pad temperature any time your dog gets up, so that once he settles back down, he begins to feel cooler again. Well worth checking out.

8. Gifts For Your Nervous Nellie

If you have an easily stressed or anxious dog, whether it’s holiday music and party sounds, strange guests in the house or fireworks on New Year’s Eve, this triple-padded hemp fibre calming bed is just the ticket. Vegan and cruelty-free, it features the design of the super popular calming beds you see everywhere online this year… high walls and extra soft padding to cuddle your pup while he rests to help him relax and self-soothe. But better yet, its also good for the environment. Check out all the comfy and snuggly options in the Pupnaps range.

9. Out-And-About Hounds

I am so ordering this one! The Rando Dog Toy is a cracker! It has a flat bottom and dents in the sides so that it never lands or takes off in the same direction twice, it is dishwasher safe for a hygienic clean, it’s light and squishy so they can grab and chew on it, it floats in water and even fits in standard ball chuckers. Oh, it’s also latex-free, BPA, phthalate-free & 100% non-toxic. It’s eco-friendly, safe, and a whole lotta fun!

10. Classic Puppy Fun

The Kong is a classic and with good reason. Its beehive shape means that it bounces in every possible direction, it’s made of natural rubber so it’s non-toxic, good for the environment, and tough enough to last longer than a lot of other toys (no it really isn’t indestructible but still pretty hardy). Better yet it’s hollow interior makes it a great treat or boredom buster. Buy the Kong brand squeezy cans of tasty filler, or make your own healthy homemade versions with frozen meaty broth, yoghurt, veggies or fruit mash, or even Christmas dinner leftovers! A great way to keep them busy during the festivities over Christmas or to keep cool with an icy frozen treat on hot days. Always a winner.

11. Earth Friendly Walkies

If you are planning a summer outdoors adventure, trips to the beach or a holiday break and in need of some new walking gear, Hemp Hounds has the answer. Their hemp collars and leads are simply designed but durable, eco-friendly, and soft and comfortable for your pupper. Don’t forget to grab some compostable poo bags to complete the set LOL.

12. Doggy Salon @ Home

As a former dog groomer, I cannot tell you how many clients I used to see day after day who would expect me to work miracles with matted fur (without clipping it of course), completely oblivious to the pain and discomfort caused to their dog, not to mention the fact that it was only a matter of time before the poor pup would have to go through it all over again. The reason? Simple. They NEVER brushed their dog. Not ever. Now there are plenty of great options available that will not only keep your dog’s locks soft and snag-free, but are also kind to the environment. The Eco Max Pet Brush removes moulting undercoat as well as dead skin cells from the scalp. It is completely biodegradable, made from coco fibre, and ethically sourced. Highly recommend this one.

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