organic skin and coat care for sensitive skin

cruelty-free + non-toxic
100% natural + plant-based
eco-friendly + sustainable
zero chemicals or skin irritants
handmade in small batches

pupper smoothies

The delicious treat for healthy skin and coat! Try Hello Gorgeous! with raspberry and pumpkin for healthy skin or Shiny Happy Pupper with banana and peanut butter for a soft & shiny coat! Serve as a tasty drink, add yogurt for a lick mat spread, or a freeze in ice cube trays for a pupsicle treat!

what our customers say

”Wonderful product! Really helped to soothe my bully's skin. I love that this product is all natural and safe for dogs to lick (you know they're gunna lol). I also love that it comes in a cardboard tube instead of plastic.”

- Katie B

”Love this soap! We gave our 8-month-old Ridgeback a bath and it lathers up nicely and smells really nice! So fresh and so clean!”

- Leslie R

”I used your soothing balm on my English Bulldog's nose which was severely sore and cracked... the next day her nose was significantly improved and after two days she's back to her normal squishy snoot!!!”

- Zoe Q